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Large Deployment

Mirroring360 offers various features and tools to facilitate large-deployments by schools and corporations.


Mirroring360 is available as a .msi package for easy deployment and configuration (with Microsoft Group Policy and Active Directory). For example, the IT administrator can pre-configure the license key, proxy settings, Bonjour broadcast, EULA, resolution settings and more. The IT administrator can make it very easy for the end users to use it without worrying about any setup / configurations. Please contact for detailed instructions and documentation.


No need to worry about managing a large pool of individual licenses for each user like you would have to do if you purchased individual licenses in bulk. With the Large Deployment option, you get a single license key that is easy to manage and saves you time.

Use the portal at to see the number of available licenses and computers that licenses are assigned to. Easily remove licenses from old computers with a click to free them up to install on new computers.

Need more licenses? Contact us at to purchase additional license count to be added to your existing license key.


For organizations and schools / districts requiring hundreds or thousands of computers, we provide the ability to turn off Bonjour discovery / broadcast. This has several benefits:

  • It will reduce the network noise caused by the large number of computers broadcasting bonjour
  • It can help prevent users from discovering a huge list of computers when starting airplay
  • It enhances security as the computers are no longer “discoverable” by the students via Airplay

With the Large Deployment Package, rather than having each user bring up the Mirroring360 app on their computer, click on the “Advanced” tab, and find the setting to disable Bonjour discovery, you can apply the setting locally in your .msi. The end users will need to use Mirroring Assist to find Mirroring360 receiver computers if you select to disable Bonjour.

Mirroring Assist for crossing subnets/VLANS

Mirroring Assist enables users to connect the device to the target computer by identifying the computer directly via either a QR code or a session code. Using direct identification the device and the computer do not have to be on the same subnet or VLAN; as long as they are route-able, they can be connected via either a quick QR code scan or specifying a Meeting ID. Learn More

On-screen Passcode

On-Screen Passcode feature enables teachers or presenters to require a passcode to be entered before mirroring starts. Once enabled (from the Advanced tab of the software), a one-time passcode will show on the receiving computer / screen, and it basically limits mirroring connections to only those users in the classroom or meeting room, eliminating any unwanted connections.

Support – Phone & Email

Mirroring360 phone support is available on all business days between 8am to 5pm Pacific time, and email support is available after hours. Your IT administrators can talk to someone at Splashtop about any questions related to large deployment, .msi package configurations, network settings, common practices, or any issues they are running into due to the many and variety of devices.

Maintenance, updates, and upgrades

Our team is running full-steam to continually enhance the Mirroring360 products, with more platform support as well as feature additions. Moreover, the mobile devices are getting frequent OS updates, and our team is constantly validating / tuning with the latest releases for all supported platforms. Our maintenance program (available only to Large Deployment Pack customers) assures you will always get the latest and greatest software offering.

Packages Comparison

Standard Pack

For Big Networks

Large Deployment Package

  • Supports all major devices
  • Mirroring Assist

  • Single organizational key
  • MSI package and configuration tools
  • Preset options
  • On-screen Passcode
  • Phone + Email Support
  • Software Updates and Upgrades
  • Unlimited license transfers