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Cansec Systems Chooses Mirroring360 to Train Users and Promote New KINDOO Product

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Thanks to the recent implementation of Mirroring360, the makers of KINDOO are able to create new promotional videos and training demos of their product with ease.

For over 30 years, Cansec Systems has focused on making products that are powerful, yet simple to use. “Cutting edge simplicity” is their trademark.

Cansec Systems manufactures access control products. They look for innovative ways to use technology to make security systems such as locks, keypads, and ATM readers more affordable and more reliable.

Their newest products, the KINDOO Smartphone Access Control System and the KINDOO Smartphone Credential Reader, are smart systems that allow you to control any electric door and access credentials through your smartphone, respectively. By setting up KINDOO on your phone and on any electric door (such as a door to your home, work, hotel room, etc.) you can control who enters and when. KINDOO can be used to replace access cards in the work place as well.kindoo teams up with splashtop

The Challenge

With the release of KINDOO, Fred Dawber, President of Cansec Systems, sought to find the best way to market it to his target market.

“We needed a solid, powerful tool to allow us to create promotional and training videos which showcase the new KINDOO product,” said Dawber.

To create promotional videos, Dawber and his team set out to find the best screen recording software to capture their app in use.

“I wasted a HUGE amount of time trying many products which claimed to do what I was looking for”, said Dawber, “We tried several solutions and found that they did not work reliably with iOS and Android phones and were difficult to set up and use.”

The Solution

That’s when Dawber turned to Mirroring360.

“My experience [testing other products] was so bad I was expecting Mirroring360 to be a similar disappointment. To my absolute delight it not only did what I wanted, it exceeded all my expectations.”

Mirroring360 is a powerful software application for screen sharing, screen mirroring, and even screen recording. Dawber found that Mirroring360’s screen recording features worked best for capturing KINDOO in use.

While a screen recording solution was what Dawber was originally looking for, he found that the screen sharing and screen mirroring features could be very useful for providing live demonstrations and trainings.

“An important benefit [of having Mirroring360] is training users on the app.”, said Dawber, “In particular, the ability with the Pro version to allow multiple PCs to simultaneously view the presentations is a HUGE bonus”.

KINDOO has only been just released, but with Mirroring360 at his disposal, Dawber is doing everything he can to get the word out.

“Now that we know the capabilities that Mirroring360 provides, we will be placing a much greater emphasis on exploiting it in our marketing and support plans,” said Dawber.


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